Planting, Pruning, Transplants in the Lehigh Valley

Fernrock Landscapes, Inc. offers planting, pruning and transplant services in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. With our nursery management training, ornamental horticulture background and many years of experience, we are able to provide proper and comprehensive specialty services.

Planting – There is a science behind everything in the ornamental horticulture field. What separates Fernrock from the rest of the landscape field is our knowledge. We can give your newly installed or transplanted trees, shrubs and perennials the best oppertunity to thrive!

Pruning – We are able to properly prune any number of plants on your property. From large trees, to small shrubs, there is no job too big or too small. There are correct and incorrect ways to prune nearly every type of plant. At Fernrock, we can offer suggestions and execute pruning techniques to keep your plants as healthy as possible and make them look remarkable! Fernrock Landscapes is also the leader in specialty pruning! We cover every aspect, from thinning your Cutleaf Maple, to tightening up your topiary.

Transplants – Fernrock Landscapes Inc. is one of the most successful transplant companies in Pennsylvania. If you decide to reposition plants that may have outgrown their intended areas or you simply want a change without starting at the nursery, contact us today!

Fernrock Lanscapes, Inc., is your premier landscape contractor in the Lehigh Valley, located in Emmaus, PA. We have the proper knowledge and equipment to get all of your planting, pruning and transplants done right!

Fernrock Landscapes, Inc