Best Landscape Maintenance in Lehigh Valley, PA

Fernrock Landscapes, Inc. provides maintenance services on all of our installations as well as existing landscapes. Spring, Summer or Fall, we can help keep your property beautiful! These services include, but are not limited to; leaf / perennial cleanup, mulching, disease / insect identification and treatment, seasonal plantings with accent planters and tree / shrub pruning. We have been providing all-inclusive designs, construction, installation, aftercare, and landscape maintenance services for years in Emmaus, PA as a leading landscaper in Lehigh Valley. We are skilled at handling the most challenging landscaping projects. Whether we are moving over several projects or managing the care of multi acre locations, Fernrock can provide the expertise that guarantees the integrity of your vision and the caliber of work that cannot be matched.

At Fernrock Landscapes Inc. we offer our clients the best Landscape Maintenance in Lehigh Valley with total commitment to maintain landscapes that are 100% eco-friendly. Our highly dedicated team will make every effort to ensure that every project exceeds your expectations.

We also provide plant insect and disease diagnostics and treatment services. Emphasis is always placed on minimal impact to the environment. To this end, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. This means we use a variety of methods in dealing with plant problems other than limiting ourselves to the use of toxic pesticides. This may entail using a shorter residual pesticide, using no treatment if beneficial predatory insects are around, or transplanting the problem plant to a better location.

We operate a designated landscape maintenance section offering a large range of landscape maintenance services for all categories of clients within the Lehigh Valley region. Every job is treated special and whether small or large, easy or complex, the final result will always be remarkable!